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change your habits. change your life.


July 22 – November 9

16 weeks. train like a competitor. group challenges and giveaways. huge celebration finish.

you’ll never be the same.

what clients say

“Thank you for keeping me accountable and teaching me a sustainable way to reach and maintain my goals! You have been so amazing and helped to keep me positive through this whole process and while I’m not quite where I want to be, I definitely have a fantastic road map to get there!”

Missy W

“I feel like my overall health is so much better. Counting macros has helped me so much more with my celiac because I’m basically preparing everything myself. I’m eating out so much less so I have a lot less brain fog (it might even be completely gone), no more bloating and feeling tired because of the foods I’m eating.”

Mayra H

What we do

1:1 Lifestyle coaching

Practicing new habits is hard enough on your own. Accountability and tracking habits and data is the only way to see results, and for the busy parents with a million other things going on, let someone else worry about the HOW. You can just practice PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.
transform strong push up

Strength training

Bodies over 35 start losing muscle if it goes unused. It happens FAST. This can lead to slowed metabolism, increased weight gain, and a need for change. If you plan on NOT ever lifting weights, this isn’t for you. We firmly believe ALL bodies benefit from strength training. Training plans are specific to YOUR body, your goals, and start where you are comfortable.

Group Coaching & CELEBRATION

In addition to 1:1 coaching, we have 8 and 16 week group challenges. Not a competition, there are no winners, but inspired by physique competitions, challengers will see elevated training and learn to enjoy cleaner eating to get as lean as possible, committing to 16 weeks. The finish line is a HUGE celebration with a glam day, photoshoot, prizes, and smiles for miles.

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